Thursday, July 26, 2018

In January 2018, I assumed oversight of the Technology department. We are pleased to have Reggie Gravina, Technology Coordinator leading us in audio visual innovations and managing our telephone, printer and copier solutions. We have partnered with Focus Data Solutions to manage our hardware and software applications. In FY18, we successfully implemented our workstation replacement program and now over 95% of the campus have laptop computers making us a portable workforce. We have also modernized our technology infrastructure resulting in a more stable and reliable network computing environment.

We are in the process of implementing two important applications that will support the work of the Seminary. The solutions will dramatically improve student, faculty and staff experience in the areas of Learning Management (LMS) and Student Information Management (SIS). There is also a tremendous effort underway to launch a new VTSHub (intranet site) this summer. In the coming weeks, you will be receiving notifications relative to the launch of each of these exciting initiatives.

There are many people involved in the success of these technology initiatives. Join me in elevating and celebrating the following leaders: Rachel Holm (SIS); Stacy Williams-Duncan (LMS); and Curtis Prather (VTSHub). Thank you to everyone who has supported these project leaders by contributing countless hours participating in work sessions to develop and refine these solutions.

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Jacqueline F. Ballou, MBA, CPA
Vice President for Finance and Operations
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