Thursday, August 2, 2018

Discussions about updating Virginia Seminary's logo began about two years ago when we started having conversations about replacing the campus "Veritas" banners. With our 200th anniversary coming up in 2023, a decision was made to advance the first significant "brand" refresh VTS has had since the late 1990s. Dean Markham wanted a bold new "Bicentennial Logo" that respected the past as it ushered us to the future.

This process can be tricky. It can take a lot longer than expected, and you seldom earn unanimous praise for the final decision. Striking a right balance between our diverse communities with how the Seminary needs to influence the future brand can seem impossible (especially since a brand is not actually what we say about ourselves, but what others say about us).

When we ultimately landed on the final design, the Communications Office knew this was just the beginning: new letterhead, envelopes, business cards, napkins, name-tags, signage, merchandise, and those campus banners that started it all were needed. In addition, the 79th General Convention in Austin would be our opportunity for a big public reveal. That meant new display materials, updated collateral, special website content, creative swag, invitations, and program guides all needed to be created in a very short window of time.

Thankfully, as we begin the countdown to 200, we are receiving the feedback we had hoped to hear. It is not unanimous but is very encouraging. It gives us the confidence we need as we meet the new students–students who will only really know this logo.

Curtis Prather
Director of Communications

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