Monday, July 30, 2018

The Costan Lecture Series was endowed by Ms. Margaret H. Costan in December 2014 with the intent to strengthen the teachings of the seminary through the addition of an academic lecture series. Through the series a distinguished scholar has the opportunity to provide a set of lectures that connect the genesis of faith to the contemporary issues in spiritual practice. The genesis of faith should focus on the insights gleaned from the patristic period and from the gradual divide between the churches in the west from the church in the east. This is a set of three lectures, where it is anticipated that the lectures will ultimately culminate in publication. It is anticipated that the author will recognize the lecture series in the final publication.

This year the Costan Lectures will be presented by Professor Sarah Coakley September 25-27, 2018. Sarah Coakley is an Anglican theologian who holds one of the top chairs in Divinity at Cambridge University. She has also led major research projects on theology and the biological concept of evolutionary cooperation, and has written extensively on Christian theology and feminism.

Student Assistant, Melesa Skoglund, has been hard at work coordinating the details of the lectures and we are very much looking forward to the series. Stay tuned for more information on Professor Coakley's lecture titles!

The Rev. Katherine A. Malloy
Executive Assistant to the Dean and President

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