Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Today, August Term begins! As a group, our 41 new students represent women and men of all ages, come from 23 dioceses and 7 foreign countries, and are pursuing all VTS degree and non-degree programs (M.A., M.Div., Anglican Studies, and Diploma in Theology). Forty-one new students have arrived on the VTS campus. These new members of our community come with a wealth of experience. They have worked in national security, law, television producing, massage therapy, youth ministry, and teaching, to name a few. And they have come to VTS to be formed for ministry.

To our new students, we offer an abundant welcome! You are the reason the seminary exists. You join an extraordinary group of students who are eager to be your guide and friend as you become acclimated to this holy hill. Our faculty love their academic field and will be delighted to share what they have received. And the staff of VTS are the glue. Where would we be without our maintenance team, our finance team, our grounds team, our refectory team?

My encouragement is that today be a greeting day. Today, find someone you do not know and come to know them.

Grace and peace,

Jim Mathes
Associate Dean of Students and Director of Anglican Studies

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