Monday, August 20, 2018

A year ago the Worship Committee developed “A Vision Statement for Worship at VTS,” a document which guides decisions about worship at VTS.  The Vision Statement begins: “Worship is the wellspring of our life in community.  In daily corporate worship we unite with others to glorify God and to receive God’s grace, which flows from our worship to guide us in everything we do.”  As Living at VTS puts it, “daily corporate worship … grows out of and contributes to the whole of our faith and life together as we seek to know the truth as it is in Jesus Christ.”  Or, as our informal VTS Rule of Life puts it, “Go to class, go to chapel, go to lunch.”

Worship is central to our lives at VTS, which is why we expect each student and faculty member to one service of corporate worship daily. St. Anselm once described theology as “faith seeking understanding,” which means that the study of theology is an exploration of a genuine life of faith, one which is nurtured by prayer.  One of the great benefits of residential theological education is the opportunity to worship together daily (at VTS, three times a day!), and thus to regularly bring oneself back to the living God whom we study and seek to serve.  In our classes we talk about God, but in worship we talk to God, and more important, allow God to talk to us.  This rhythm between classroom and chapel allows for relationship with God to become the core of our studies and our ministry.

The Rev. Ruthanna Hooke, Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Chapel and the Associate Professor of Homiletics


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