Thursday, August 30, 2018

Today marks the second and final day of this year’s Introduction to Intercultural Competency. As I mentioned in yesterday’s Commentary, it is a conference-style short course that includes a variety of speakers discussing the issues of diversity, inclusion, power, equity, and justice.

The presenters are truly impressive. I wish there were space to describe all of their sessions. But allow me to give you a little taste by citing a few of the topics from which participants get to choose: “Putting ‘Civil Rights’ in Context: Law, Life and the Judeo-Christian Tradition,” “Latina/o Social Ethics,” “Becoming Beloved Community in the Midst of Babylon,” “Souls Redeemed: August Wilson on Stage,” and “Dinner at a Muslim Home.”

I am grateful to every presenter who is lending some aspect of personal experience or professional expertise to this event. You are helping to strengthen the students, faculty, and staff of this institution. I would also like to express my gratitude to several individuals whose hard work and dedication behind the scenes have made this event possible: Wendy Bermudez, Maurice Dyer, Taryn Habberley, Santino Dut, Reggie Gravina, Vannessa McCormick, Benjamin Judd, Margarita Pelaez-King, and Sara Thompson. Thank you all for your contributions to this important project!

Joseph D. Thompson, Jr., Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor of Race and Ethnicity Studies
Director of Multicultural Ministries

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