Friday, August 31, 2018

One of the joys of being in seminary is the opportunity to go beyond what we know from our own experiences and to hear multiple voices in a wider conversation. The Seminarians of Color Union (SOCU) exists to do just that: to allow persons of color to bring awareness to the issues and concerns of our brothers and sisters in this community and beyond.

As an organization, we work to support, strengthen, and empower seminarians of color in preparation for ordained and lay leadership. By creating environments where diverse voices are celebrated, recognized, and acknowledged, by lifting up those individuals and encouraging them, and by seeking to ensure the greater Episcopal Church does the same, we endeavor to carry out our mission. Our partnership with the Office of Multicultural Ministries provides us with resources and opportunities to help make all this possible.

Who can be a member of SOCU? Anyone who is called to support the mission, vision, and focus of the group can be a member. We invite everyone to take part in our events and in our ministries throughout the year. I look forward to this new year and the work we will be doing together.

Shawn Evelyn
President, Seminarians of Color Union (SOCU)
Postulant, Diocese of Los Angeles

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