Friday, September 7, 2018

No matter the size of the community, communication is important. Without it, community ceases to exist, and of course, people get grumpy. Please allow me to highlight a few key means of communication within our community and how they are important to our living together. 

Over the last several months, many worked long and hard to get the VTS Hub up and running. Special thanks, by the way, go to Elizabeth Panox-Leach, Curtis Prather, Stacy Williams-Duncan, Rachel Holm, Emily Collette, KC Robertson, and a number of contractors for their work on this. On the Hub you'll find links to some other ways that information is communicated here at VTS, pages are there on everything from Emergency Preparedness to Contextual Ministry and more. Continue to check back into these different pages as departments populate them with information. 

The Dean's Commentary is another means of communication (link on the Hub). The expectation is for you to read it each day. This is a way for us to highlight special moments, share information, and tell you about things coming up that may be of interest. We are pretty strict on the word-count, so be assured it's only about 250 words or less. 

The Weekly Communique is a third means of sharing information with you. In fact, if you have an upcoming event or something of the like that you want to share with the community, this is the appropriate way to do so. Please send the information to to see it appear in the Weekly Communique. Note that the deadline is 9:00 AM on Thursday for it to appear in the Friday edition. 

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

(I'm sorry, I know it's over by 23 words, but I just couldn't leave any of this out!)

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