Thursday, September 20, 2018

Yesterday, I was touched by the countless friends within the community who remembered my birthday. Thank you. It was a rich and interesting day. As I was making my way home, I found myself walking past the chapel at 5.13pm. "Just in time for Prayer and Praise", I thought. So despite the emails that were waiting and the gentle email from Dr. Heaney that I must finish a paper on public theology, I decided that a pause to reflect, pray, and be grateful was a good thing to do on my birthday. So I went in.

It was a fabulous liturgy. It was the Rev. Dr. Bob Prichard who worked so hard on this paperless, evening office with contemporary music. It was an uplifting and magical moment - uplifting because those amazing collects "give your angels charge over those who sleep" combined with "How Great Thou Art" and magical because the light in the evening forms a beautiful blue tone as the setting sun comes through the Spirit window. It was the perfect way to prepare for an evening with my wife as we celebrated my birthday. 

I am always relieved to discover every year that the Seminary has the musical talent to sustain that service. And this year's praise band is as good as any in previous years. A big thank you to Margie Baker (she really can sing), Pete Nunnally, Claire Elser, Jared Grant, and Jonathan Pucik. They led us in worship - the greatest privilege of any human life - and did it well. Thank you. 

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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