Wednesday, September 26, 2018

It has been three years since we first issued the invitation to Professor Sarah Coakley to come to VTS as a lecturer. And now we are delighted to have her on campus to deliver the 2018 Costan Lectures with the overall topic: Sin, Racism and the Challenge of Contemplation: A Theological Proposal. Last evening, she addressed, In the Jail: Systemic Racism, Contemplation, and the Problem of "Seeing." This evening she will discuss Reconsidering the Fall: Desire Gone Awry and Its Consequences and on Thursday, On the Way to Union? How "Divine Darkness" Convicts the Sin of Racism. 

Do consider joining us tonight and tomorrow for Professor Coakley's remaining two lectures. It is a privilege to learn from her insights on Sin, Racism, and the Contemplative Life. 

The Costan Lecture Series is an opportunity for a distinguished scholar to provide a set of lectures that connect the genesis of faith to the contemporary issues in spiritual practice. The annual three-part lecture series was established in 2014, by the generosity of Ms. Margaret H. Costan with the intent of strengthening the educational offerings of Virginia Theological Seminary.

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