Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Yesterday Jonathan Pucik sent me an email. He was delighted that Deacon Shayna Watson (she was ordained the day after the conference) was given appropriate credit for "TheoCon: Where Theology Meets Pop Culture", but he wanted me to know that others were playing significant leadership role. He pointed out that Amanda Bourne, in particular, deserved recognition. So let me amend the record: this very successful conference was made possible by an array of people who played key roles in support. Thank you to them all.

I was grateful to Jonathan for sending me the email. The Dean's Commentary is inevitably the picture of the world from the Dean's Office. This is, in fact, a very limited horizon. It is a world of meetings. Although I love talking to staff and students, I only have an hazy impression of what is really going on.

So I do welcome commentary suggestions. Do feel free to reach out and let me know that this or that is happening. Let me know that this or that has happened and it would be good for Amanda Bourne, or whomever, to get appropriate recognition. The commentary is a communication tool. I cannot promise that every suggestion will appear: we are a busy place. But I can promise that I will acknowledge each suggestion and act on some. VTS is an exciting place to be: there is lots going on. And I want the commentary to capture some of that.

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