Wednesday, November 14, 2018

So much is going on. Along with the normal business of the Board, we have honored a Bishop and introduced the Board to the proposed capital campaign. So starting with the business, this morning we have the regular Business Meeting of the Board of Trustees. Thanks to the hard work of the committees, we are expecting several very significant resolutions to come forth. Academic Affairs Committee will bring forward the names of two professors (one in Christian Formation and the other in Practical Theology) to be elected to the Faculty. Institutional Advancement committee will bring forward a capital campaign case with a target goal. The Finance Committee will recommend that certain caps for building projects should be ratified. There is a reason why the commentary for several days after the Board meeting is preoccupied with the decisions taken by the Board.

Turning to Bishop Shannon and Capital Campaign: at the reception last night, the Board honored Bishop Shannon Johnston. In his remarks, he mused on how energized and positive he found the spirit of the Seminary. "This is a missional place", he exclaimed. Bishop Shannon has stepped down as the Bishop of Virginia; however, he did promise me that he is looking forward to visiting the campus on his trips to northern Virginia. At the dinner, afterward, we heard from our capital campaign consultants. For the students present, it really was an opportunity to hear about the inside mechanics of the campaign. As I mused on the day, I found myself thinking, in the end, we are doing the campaign to keep the spirit so ably captured by Bishop Shannon going in this place. This is exciting work.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President

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