Friday, March 1, 2019

About a year ago, I sat down at a table full of MDiv students and fellow staff members – some of whom I didn’t know at all – and opened the conversation with “What does the Episcopal church say about Ghosts?” I was delighted when this kicked off 45 minutes of spirited (pun absolutely intended) conversation about the after-life, church teachings, and English social history. It was a quintessential VTS moment – a group of people with wildly different life experiences coming together to share a meal and talk about their common interests. 

I don’t think I told anybody at that table that I asked that question as part of my background research for A Two Woman Hamlet. I was still feeling a little shy about sharing that I have an “extra-curricular” activity that has such a big place in my life and heart. I had nothing to be nervous about, of course, and have since learned that everybody here is more than happy to talk about their passion projects with each other, and that this is a community that cares about the whole person.

I am utterly gobsmacked by the material (and emotional!) support the Seminary community has shown A Two Woman Hamlet. Hannah, Nicola, and I are thrilled that we can “come home” to Scott Lounge later this week to perform for you. It all happens next Friday (March 1) and Saturday (March 2). Please, enjoy the show! 

Mara Sherman
Administrative Coordinator of the Doctoral Programs

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