Tuesday, June 11, 2019

As the VTS campus prepares for doctoral students to arrive next week, let us take a salutary reminder from these students about the kind place VTS is for them. For those (like me) who work or study here on a daily basis, it is easy to forget or to take for granted the kind of environment we work in.

Our doctoral students, on the other hand, are usually only here for three weeks each year. Whenever they are here, they speak of what a gift this campus is for them. They talk about the friendliness of the staff and the exceeding beauty of our grounds. They speak of how much they enjoy the food in the Refectory and how they appreciate the exceptional quality of our library.

I even hear them say that, amid the many demands of their classes when on campus, this place feels like being on retreat.

For me, these comments are an invitation to gratitude. They are a chance for us to remember how beautiful this campus is—not only in the nature around its grounds but also in the gift of one another, the gift of staff, students, and faculty who make this place what it is.

The Rev. Ross Kane Ph.D.
Director of Doctoral Programs

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