Wednesday, June 12, 2019

While the 3-week Summer Residency is the busiest and most intense part of the academic year for our Doctoral Students, the other 49 weeks a year are hardly dormant. In fact, the vast majority of the work our students do is done online during those 49 weeks. Because our students perform their ministry all over the world, from as near as the other side of Seminary Road and as far as New Zealand, the flexibility to do most of their work at home via the internet is absolutely crucial.

This flexibility is made possible by Brightspace, our Learning Management System. Think of Brightspace as the online equivalent of the Addison Academic Building – a digital “space” for classes to be held, for students to engage with each other, and for instructors to provide feedback. Brightspace is the tool that makes the Online Component—and therefore, the entire Doctoral program – possible.

That said – every tool needs a little elbow grease once in a while, and for Brightspace the elbow grease is provided by the Digital Learning Team: Stacy Williams-Duncan, Jenn Baker, and Chris Exley. Stacy, Jenn, and Chris have all worked very hard behind the scenes, providing hours of support to instructors and students, as well as to the Doctoral Programs Staff. We thank them for their herculean efforts, their patience, and their creativity.

The Rev. Ross Kane Ph.D.
Director of Doctoral Programs

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