Thursday, June 13, 2019

They’re almost here; they’re almost here! Finally, after a year of planning, the Doctoral Residency is about to begin, and our students are almost here. Many of our further-flung students are en route already, as it takes them multiple days and multiple modes of transit to get here.  Some of them are as far away from home as it is possible to be, and have left behind family, students of their own, congregations, and entire communities.

When they get here, they’ll have a clean, comfortable room on this gorgeous campus, an already-made bed, and they’ll be secure in the knowledge that for the three weeks they are here, they won't have to cook for themselves, do dishes after dinner, take out the trash, or mow the lawn.  We are grateful to the VTS employees and contractors whose labor makes these comforts possible. Hospitality, Grounds and Maintenance, and our colleagues from Sodexo and Meriwether Godsey do crucial work on this campus year-round, but nothing makes that clearer to me than seeing the campus through our students’ eyes every summer. Thank you.

The Rev. Ross Kane, Ph.D.
Director of Doctoral Programs

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