The Reliefs of Ashurnasirpal II: Architecture, Iconography, and Text

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On Monday, August 26th, and Tuesday, August 27th, VTS is conducting a symposium in the Deanery with the theme, “The Reliefs of Ashurnasirpal II: Architecture, Iconography, and Text.” The intention of this meeting is to present the recent scholarship in three areas of research related to the reliefs: first, the relief’s reconstruction; second, its ancient reproduction; and lastly, the relief’s ancient function. The presenters intend to foster conversation and collaborative solutions to the research questions posed by the unique blend of data-types in the Northwest Palace, Ninurta Temple, and related buildings at Nimrud. We are blessed to have presenters that come from all over the world who have profound knowledge in this area.

The public lecture directly related to the symposium is the “Standard Inscription of Ashurnasirpal II, King of Assyria: Substance and Essence.” In collaboration with St. Stephen and St. Agnes school, the lecture will be held at their upper school auditorium on Monday, August 26th at 6:00 p.m. The event is led by a visiting professor, Dr. J Caleb Howard. He is also the research associate at Tyndale House and St. Edmund’s College. For more information about this event, please visit our Eventbrite page.

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