Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Our annual Costan Lecture Series is starting this evening at 5:00 p.m. in the Sparrow Conference Room. This year, it is a pleasure to have Professor Lewis Ayers as our speaker. He is a professor of Catholic ad Historical Theology at Durham University in the United Kingdom and a Professorial Fellow at the Australian Catholic University in Australia. Professor Ayers will explore the heart of early Christian teaching about the person of Christ and focus on the controversies of the period between AD 500 and 700. Please register here -- and see the schedule below.

September 17 Journey to Constantinople, Or, Justinian, An Unlikely Hero (Sparrow Conference Room)
September 18: On Looking Back, Or, How to Define a Tradition (Deanery)
September 19: On Looking Forward, Or, From the Seventh Century to Today (Sparrow Conference Room)

We also welcome another guest on campus, Ms. Nedine Manyemba, from Harare, Zimbabwe. Ms. Manyemba is an African theologian and an Anglican working for the Zimbabwe Council of Churches. She is visiting as part of the Communion Sabbaticals program hosted by our Center for Anglican Communion Studies (CACS).

Each year, CACS invites two or three important guests from the Anglican Communion for an extended stay of 2-4 weeks, to participate in the life of the seminary, make use of the extensive and well-respected resources of the Bishop Payne Library, and to share their expertise from their context with the VTS community. The thing that makes CACS’s Communion Sabbaticals program unique is that it is not simply a reward given to those with long resumes or extensive publications. Rather, it is meant to amplify global Anglican voices representing the diversity and the future of the Communion, especially women and individuals in the Global South.

Please join me in welcoming Nedine Manyemba to VTS. CACS will host a lunch forum with her on Tuesday, September 24, which I do hope you attend. I am grateful to CACS for organizing this visit and for enriching our community with new perspectives on World Anglicanism.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph. D.
Dean and President

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