Wednesday, October 23, 2019

The Flamingo, like the rest of the campus, is experiencing the effects of campus renovation. It is most fitting that this beloved coffee house is temporarily nestled in “The Wilderness.” It evokes images of the people of Israel, awaiting the Promised Land as we all await completed projects. As a student-run ministry, The Flamingo continually strives to meet the changing needs of the seminary community. We do this by the attempt to remain faithful to our core mission, by being “committed to reflecting God’s love for all people through building relationships and creating sacred space to engage in life-giving conversations." This mission is lived out in the big and small details, by the staff and space of The Flamingo itself.

The Flamingo, in its current iteration, strives to be an atmosphere of calm, comfort, and connection. In response to the temporary disappearance of many of our community common spaces, we strive to provide a warm environment to help mitigate that loss. The Baristas have natural servant hearts and see our work as a ministry to our community. The physical space itself is intentionally domestic and functional. It is to create a sense of comfort and ease. We were once coined as “the living room of the community.” Now, we actually have a fireplace and a living room to use!

To further cultivate a sense of connection and conversation, we periodically host “Flock Talks” on tough conversations like race, gun violence, the experiences of women in the church, etc., forums hosting various guests on campus, events such as  “Cheers and Queers” and a Seminarians of Color Union (SOCU) gathering. We recently had our first Harry Potter movie night! Although space is an issue in “The Wilderness," we are always trying to think of new ideas in the future. If you have any ideas of topics for discussion, please let me know. I would love to help make that discussion happen.

The Flamingo is growing, adapting, and always learning how to best serve the VTS community. The coffeehouse has come a long way from a simple dorm coffee cart. It is our joy to serve you, and to provide space for this community of ours to connect; to God and to one another. Come on by and visit! We look forward to welcoming you.
Josh Barrett 
Co-Manager of The Flamingo 
Administration + Program 

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