Costan Lecture - I Wish They All Could Be Chalcedonian: Understanding the Gift of Patristic Christology

I Wish They All Could Be Chalcedonian: Understanding the Gift of Patristic Christology
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5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
Sparrow Hall (September 17 & 19); The Deanery (September 18)
In these lectures Lewis will explore the heart of early Christian teaching about the person of Christ. To get to this heart, however, Lewis will focus on the controversies of the period between AD 500 and 700. These debates are far less well known than they should be, but they are fundamental if we are to understand the legacy of early Christian thought about Christ for today.

The Lectures

September 17:  Journey to Constantinople, Or, Justinian, An Unlikely Hero

September 18:  On Looking Back, Or, How to Define a Tradition

September 19: On Looking Forward, Or, From the Seventh Century to Today

Lewis Ayres is Professor of Catholic and Historical Theology at Durham University in the UK & Professorial Fellow at the Australian Catholic University in Melbourne, Australia. He previously taught in Ireland and in the US.  He writes on early Christian and modern Catholic theology; his most recent book was co-edited with Medi Ann Volpe, The Oxford Handbook of Catholic Theology.

The Costan Lecture Series is an opportunity for a distinguished scholar to provide a set of lectures that connect the genesis of faith to the contemporary issues in spiritual practice. The annual three-part lecture series was established in 2014, by the generosity of Ms. Margaret H. Costan with the intent of strengthening the educational offerings of Virginia Theological Seminary.
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