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Life at VTS

Life in Community at Virginia Seminary grows out of a commitment to prayer, worship, study, and love for God. The Holy Spirit is always at work in our life together as we are formed and shaped into the image of Christ who leads us deeper into the heart of God and out into the world.

Daily expectations of students and faculty include three elements: commitment to study and participation in class, to attendance at one of three daily services (Morning Prayer, Holy Eucharist, or Evening Prayer) and to sharing a common meal at lunch in the refectory.  The commitment to this rhythm of our communal life deepens the formation of our Christian discipleship and reinforces our understanding that growth in Christ is not something to be accomplished on one’s own, but in the give and take of the life together.   

The community itself is diverse in age, gender, race, culture, ethnicity, and familial constellations as well as in many, many other ways.  This fact is a great blessing to VTS and must be nurtured in the way we live together.  Intentionally building the communal life means having mutual respect and regard for one another at all times and in all places. Academic freedom and expression of ideas and opinions are important values at VTS, especially when we disagree on issues in the church and the world, in theological understanding and in biblical interpretation. 

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  • S.P.I.R.I.T. (Significants Participating in Really Interesting Things)

    We recognize that when one member of a family is committing to study at seminary, the whole family is making the commitment as well. Families need support in making the transition and in being a part of a new community. One organization that offers significant support is S.P.I.R.I.T. This group of men and women meets about once a month and offers a variety of events throughout the year. Bible study, book groups, retreat, and informal gatherings are among the regular activities that take place. In addition, spouses and partners are welcome to enroll in the Lay School of Theology at no charge and may participate in the VTS program offering spiritual direction. Spouses and partners may also sit in on classes with permission of the professor at no charge.
  • Job opportunities

    Job opportunities for family members of students are usually abundant in the metropolitan area. Depending on the area of expertise, job seekers are often able to find employment in their fields. On occasion, however, jobs are accepted in fields other than the ones for which family members have been trained. Information about jobs is readily available through classified ads in local newspapers posted online.
  • The Metropolitan Area

    Washington is not only the nation’s capital but also a national and international cultural center. The Seminary is within a few miles of the Capitol, the White House, and the Smithsonian Institution, as well as many other great museums, national landmarks and parks, numerous fine theatres, and restaurants featuring the culinary arts of dozens of nations. The mass transit system, the Metro, makes Washington, D.C., and surrounding areas easily accessible. The countryside and beaches of Virginia and Maryland offer a variety of convenient recreational facilities, including everything from amusement parks to Civil War battlefields.
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