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Multicultural Ministries

The Office of Multicultural Ministries celebrates the racial and ethnic diversity within the church and the world.  There are 5 key dimensions of our work:
  • Sharing the experiences of people of African, Asian, Indigenous, and Latina/o heritage;
  • Supporting student activism and other efforts to resist racial domination;
  • Recruiting students from under-represented backgrounds and finding candidates for Bishop Payne Scholarships;
  • Promoting anti-racism through classes and events; and
  • Partnering with others to be sure diversity is reflected in our worship, pedagogy, and community life.

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  • "No Turning Back"

    Copies of No Turning Back are now available on Amazon.

    "GO YE INTO THE WORLD and Preach the Gospel” has long been the call of Virginia Theological Seminary. The question has been who should go and to whom should they preach. For over 140 years of its existence, VTS’ call was for white men to engage in ministry. Only in the last sixty years has VTS even allowed black students to enroll. The story and struggle of many of the students is told here in this book in their voice.
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Multicultural Ministries Contact

Joseph Thompson, Ph.D.
Director of Multicultural Ministries 
Virginia Theological Seminary
3737 Seminary Road,
Alexandria, VA 22304

Phone: 703-461-1732
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