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Basic Courses

Auditing Masters Level Courses

If you are interested in taking master’s level courses at the Seminary without being enrolled in a degree program or receiving credit, consider applying as an Auditor. This option is suitable for alumni, clergy, and lay leaders looking for continuing education opportunities.

Lifelong Learners are invited to audit the following masters level classes offered by VTS (additional course details available in the "Download" box on the right side of this page).

Evening Offerings
  • Introduction to New Testament
  • The Bible, Myth and Superheroes
  • Teaching Faith

Daytime Offerings 
  • Jesus in His Community
  • Old Testament
  • Biblical Greek
  • Biblical Hebrew
  • Gospel of Matthew
  • Epistle to the Roman
  • The Episcopal Church History
  • Historical Church Witness
  • Christian Formation of Youth in Varied Contexts
  • Family Systems
  • Music, Icon and Contemplative Life

Students interested in auditing a graduate level course at VTS apply through the “Non-Degree” Auditor Program. (Please note it is up to the professor to decide how many auditors students are admitted to a particular class.)  

Applicants should include (forms found in the download box to the right):
  1. The completed Auditor application form.
  2. A brief letter outlining your purpose of study, and indicating which summer masters-level courses you are applying to. If you are applying to more than one, please list them in order of preference. 
  3. The completed reference form, sealed in an envelope. It should be from your rector pastor, or another church professional familiar with your life and work in the church.
Tuition for Auditors is at the rate of $150 per “audit” hour.

Please email Diane Wright, Director of Continuing Education, with any questions.


Diane M. Wright

Senior Associate for Lifelong Learning
Director, Continuing Education

3737 Seminary Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22304  |  Phone: 703-370-6600 or 800-941-0083 | Employee Directory