• Older Adult Ministry Resources
The Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary has curated resources for churches and other organizations providing ministry for and with older adults. For most of the eight categories at the bottom of the page, we have selected our “Top Picks” to give users a helpful starting point. Below the “Top Picks” category are additional resources that may be useful to those planning or implementing programs for older adults.
For the most part, we have selected resources that are easily available through the internet or in books. In addition to titles, we provide names of authors, publishers, dates of publication and websites, if appropriate. The resources in this listing are targeted to churches, retirement communities, and similar institutions. We do not have the space or expertise to include resources on topics like health or finances, which can be provided by governmental agencies organizations like AARP.
We will continue to add new resources and update links and other information. If you wish to recommend a resource, please contact us

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