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Lifelong Learning

Digital Resources and Practice

eFormation Digital Media for Ministry
eFormation is a learning community for ministry in a digital world.
We believe culturally savvy, digitally literate leadership skills are essential in every congregation and regional church body. We believe such skills are best learned by active participation in a community of practice. 
We are dedicated to finding ways to bring the work of formation, discipleship, and community organizing that churches already do, online.  If you are looking for resources on how to bring your faith into the digital world in a way that is responsible, sustainable, and builds towards the future without forgetting the past, then you have found home.

Since the beginning of the learning community, we are committed to bring resources and regional leaders together in the eFormation bootcamp model. We look forward to collaborating with you! Please contact us if you’re interested in this partnership opportunity. We also provide online opportunities in the form of an online conference in June, and monthly webinars in partnership wtih BuildingFaith

In the meantime, please subscribe to our eFormation newsletter for the latest on resources and learning opportunities all year round. We’re here to support you as you serve God and your community using the best available tools and techniques.
    • Digital Grants

Digital Teaching and Learning

The following certificates in online teaching for theological educators are the result of a collaboration between UW-Madison’s Distance Education Professional Development and Virginia Theological Seminary, and supported by a Faculty Development Grant from the Association of Theological Schools.

Fundamentals of Online Teaching for Theological Educators (FoOT-TE)
Fundamentals of Online Teaching for Theological Educators (FoOT-TE) is designed for those who are new to online learning and considering how they can expand their traditional, hybrid, or online courses by embracing the dynamic and expanding world of digital learning. This basic overview provides a launching point into the field as you learn about the strategies and tools used by successful and experienced online educators.
More information is available in the registration links.
Design Teach Online for Theological Educators (DTO-TE)
Design Teach Online for Theological Educators (DTO-TE) is an intermediate course during which participants engage in a dynamic learning community as they design and prepare to teach an online or hybrid course. Each course module includes exposure to research based practices, interactive learning experiences, and assignments that contribute to a course design and teaching plan. 
More information is available in the registration links.

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