Music, Liturgy and the Arts at VTS

We believe that worship is the first priority of the church, and that imaginative, transforming worship will lead a congregation into effective discipleship and mission, whether across the street or across the world. We are particularly committed to creating and sharing resources to support the worship and ministry of small and medium congregations, and to helping ministers continually improve their preaching. 

We offer tools, workshops, concerts, art shows, and other resources that will enliven music, liturgy, and preaching in your local church context, and engage the theological imagination through the arts. These include:  
  • Online resources for music, liturgy and preaching
  • Continuing education opportunities through conferences and workshops
  • Hosting art shows installations, theater performances, and concerts 
  • Consultancy services for congregations and dioceses 
  • Answers to common questions and challenges on our blog, "Ask Ambrose"
  • a seasonal newsletter with reflections, resources, and learning opportunities
  • being available by phone or email to answer your questions
Whether you are looking for an answer to a particular question, need a consultant to come to your congregation or diocese, or are looking for trainings and workshops about liturgy — this is the place for you. Look for us on our blog and on Facebook.  We’re here to serve!
          — Ellen Johnston
Music, Liturgy and the Arts
Virginia Theological Seminary 
3737 Seminary Road, 
Alexandria, VA 22304 USA
phone: 703-461-1792


Ellen Johnston, Senior Associate for Music, Liturgy, and the Arts
The Rev. Dr. James Farwell, Faculty Consultant in Liturgy

The Rev. Dr. Ruthanna Hooke, Faculty Consultant in Preaching

The Rev. Dr. William Bradley Roberts, Faculty Consultant in Music

Dr. Christopher Reynolds, Assistant, Music, Liturgy, and the Arts 

The Rev. Ann Gillespie, Consultant for Ministry and the Arts
3737 Seminary Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22304  |  Phone: 703-370-6600 or 800-941-0083 | Employee Directory