Virginia Theological Seminary Records

As part of its mission, the Archives is charged with the collection and preservation of Seminary records possessing permanent administrative, legal, fiscal, and historical value. The decision to preserve records for administrative, legal and fiscal purposes is the responsibility of the Seminary’s officers and administrators in consultation with the Archivist. The decision to select and preserve records of historical value is the responsibility of the Archivist. The purpose of collecting such records is to provide documentation of the development and growth of the Seminary, particularly of its primary functions of teaching and ministry, its role in the Episcopal Church community, the Diocese of Virginia, and the local community of Alexandria, the activities of its student body and alumni, and the development of its physical plant and grounds. Priority is given to those records that reflect the activities of Seminary officers and committees which formulate or approve Seminary policy as well as faculty and administrative involvement in these activities. Recorded information documenting the above activities is collected regardless of format, and includes: administrative papers and files; letter books; financial ledgers; notebooks; pictorial materials; sound recordings; microforms; computer tape and discs; printed material; maps; motion picture film and video tape; and ephemera.
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