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The night I discovered (on Facebook) that the chapel had burned down, I broke down and cried. Never in my life had I cried with such grief at the destruction of a thing. People and animals, yes, but not a thing like a building. But then, the chapel was more than a building to us. It was a holy hill where we experienced... the transcendent God. It was a place I went and prayed when I wondered if I'd make it through a tough class. All of us who have been part of the VTS family for over 100 years found that place to be one that inspired. We will all carry the memory of that sacred place with us--and it is something we all share, regardless of when we studied at our beloved VTS. God bless... - Mifflin Dove, Jr.

So incredibly devastating. What loss for so many people who have found peace and solace in those walls. - Sally Engleby Farrell

This is the first church that my daughter really remembers. She was three when came to VTS. This is the first church my son really engaged as sacred space. He was six. Each saw the picture attached to the ENS article which shows the burned interior. They... both cried (and it's not often that jaded teenagers allow their parents to see them so affected). I hadn't really felt the loss of this wonderful place until I saw how the loss impacted them. - Michael Cadaret

This is very sad.. I was married in the Chapel.. my Dad was ordained there and his memorial service was there -- and I spent many Sundays at service.. very very sad .. so many memories - Linda Carr-Kraft

Oh my...prayers said there, sermons preached there, sang in Superstar there, homiletics with Milton Crumm there, most of all quiet moments teaching my mother that it was OK for older Episcopalians to "pass the peace", there. seminary family eucharists,Graduation day!, praying when nobody wlse was there in the afternoo...ns, listening to the old place creak, and a certain old musty smell, great memories...great sadness. - David Rich

On the morning of 9/11, having felt the earth quiver and heard the boom of the explosion at the Pentagon, the seminary community was drawn to the Chapel for prayer, and in a sense stayed there even though we moved about day by day in many directions. The Chapel truly was a place of prayer, and even though we move on, t...he place where we knelt has left its imprint on our bodies and hearts. - R Ellen White

I remember reading for the first time in Chapel, all the Morning Prayers and Eucharists. It will be a hard task for the VTS community to create a new worship space--partly because WE are the "temple" in which God's spirit dwells! A "house made with hands" is just that. My prayers are with the current students and ...faculty, as well as with all the alums, etc. - Anne Weatherholt

If any building has ever felt immortal to me it is the chapel. Seemed like it has always been there and always would be. We turn to the immortal, invisible One. - Dena Bearl

This chapel was - and remained - one of the most precious spaces in my life, even though I had not stepped through its doors in over 10 years (shame on me). I was graced by God and Ray Glover with the opportunity to play the organ there for a number of morning prayer services and even when the ABofC visited VTS. Thos...e quiet times of practicing musical praise to God were holy for me. - Dorothy Chatham Hartzog

The loss of the VTS Chapel is heartbreaking. - Anna Rolen

I feel as though my best friend just died....and my prayers go especially to the current seminary students, faculty, and staff who have to now look at the burned out skeleton that is left, transformed from something that was so beautiful, reassuring, and inviting. - Dave Wright, 1977

I grieve the loss! That sacred space has been a special place in my spiritual journey. - Catherine Campbell

Like literally thousands of others, Barbara and I are grieving. I was ordained deacon there, Charlie Price's sermons changed my mind (somewhat) there, daughters Jenny and Libby were married there, sons Michael and Davie and daughter Jasmine were baptized there, and I wore a pew in the (liturgically) south transept smooth. - William S Stafford
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