Professors Mark Jefferson and Sharon Heaney Elected to Full Faculty

The Board met last week. Inevitably, there were several important decisions made. And here are two decisions that I would like to share today. I am delighted to announce the election of both the Rev. Mark Jefferson, Ph.D. and Sharon Heaney, Ph.D. to the Faculty. Both are well known to us, and both are already making an important contribution to our community. 

The two motions voted unanimously by the Board were these:
MOTION: That, with the approval of the Faculty, the Rev. Mark Jefferson, Ph.D., be hired as Assistant Professor of Homiletics.
MOTION: That, with the approval of the Faculty, the position of Director of Academic Writing and Assistant Professor in a theological discipline be created, and that Sharon Heaney, Ph.D., be hired as Director of Academic Writing and Assistant Professor of Theology and Latin American Studies. 

Dr. Mark Jefferson (please note the doctorate, he recently graduated from Emory) is now on a tenure track and will continue to bring his exceptional preaching skills to the formation of future preachers. Preaching matters at VTS. He continues to aim for the 200 sermons by preaching around the country, and already some students have told me about the impact of his classes on their preaching. Dr. Sharon Heaney has been heading up the Writing Center and has helped countless students write excellent academic papers. She now brings that distinctive perspective to our Faculty discussions. In addition, we are delighted to have her academic expertise on our Faculty. Please do seek out Mark and Sharon and congratulate them both on this moment.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President
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