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Dean's Commentary Campaign Update: Matching Gift Challenge

I am pleased to annouce the exciting news that the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation has made a 2:1 matching grant of $200,000 toward the Chapel for the Ages Campaign. A 2:1 matching grant means that the check will not arrive until we have raised an additional $400,000. In fact, we cannot count it until we have matched the grant. From the perspective of the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation, they want us to add $600,000 to our total; and they want every gift from now until that moment to be multiplied.

We are in the season of the campaign where participation is the priority. It is not simply the total amount, which is important (although obviously it is - we cannot start building until we have raised the money), but it is also the broad base of donors who care about this project. With this matching grant, we are in the lovely situation where the person who gives $50 is really giving $75; the person who gives a $100 is really giving $150; and the person who is giving a $1,000 is really giving $1,500.

As we finish the drama and excitement of last week, there might be friends and relatives who are on the edge of our community. Perhaps they have been talking about making a gift. Please invite them to do so today. Tell them their gift will be part of this match. Every check - every on-line donation - will be doubled. If they have been waiting, then this is the time to make that gift. www.vts.edu/campaign/give

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President
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