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Thursday, January 10, 2013

The scaffolding has gone up and the bricks are coming down. Biweekly meetings with the construction team of CA Lindman and ACECO keep the Seminary well informed of the progress. Originally slated to be complete at the end of February, considerable engineering changes needed to be made over the Christmas holidays. Completion of the project by their standpoint, is to have the walls down to the level as proposed to the Board of Architectural Review last spring, and to have the basement filled in and graded. The work is now set to be completed by May, with the majority of the transformation of the space into an outdoor sacred space. In the months after the construction completion, VTS will be continuing its work with Michael Verguson to landscape the area and add features such as an outdoor altar, and dedicated space for the interment of ashes.

It has taken a good while to move to the actual deconstruction in order to begin the construction of a chapel garden. We are better for this time to work with the city, move through alternatives, come to a vision, and make all the practical arrangements. Now to tear down and build up is a good beginning for a new year. (You may view the design here.)

Many thanks are in order for bringing the chapel garden forward. As the scaffolding goes up and bricks come down, I am especially aware of all the practical things needed to make this happen, from city permits to contractors and insurance. For making things happen, special thanks go to Heather Zdancewicz as Vice President for Administration and Finance.

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