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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Notice to Proceed. Those three words were issued from the Seminary last Friday to the architects and to the general contractor working on the Immanuel Chapel construction project. Until we issued the official Notice to Proceed, all work was planning for construction. Now the crews from Whiting-Turner Contracting have the go ahead to erect a construction fence for the first phase of the project. They will work closely with the architects from Robert A M Stern Architects, with the civil engineers at Bowman Consulting Group, and with project managers from Advanced Project Management.

The first phase of the chapel project will be to relocate various underground utilities that will feed the new Immanuel Chapel and the Packard-Laird Welcome Center. A storm water vault will be built down the hill from the project site, in the natural flow of ground water movement. A parking lot will be built on top of the storm water vault to accommodate some of the lost parking outside the Welcome Center. For most people at or visiting the Seminary, this first phase should not seem too bothersome. There are, however, three faculty residences that are in the midst of all this activity. Dean Markham, Dr. Budde, and Dr. Mercer will all have extended periods of time when the construction activity will cut them off from their homes, making it necessary to park a short distance away on campus and walk home. House accessibility will change as progress continues on the construction.

The official ground breaking ceremony is scheduled for September 14. This coincides closely with the end of phase one. At that time, the major work of excavating and building will begin. In the coming days a construction webcam will be installed for the community to watch the progress of the project. Keep an eye out for information about where to view the chapel construction.

Heather Zdancewicz
Vice President for Administration and Finance
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