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Friday, August 16, 2013

At lunch on Tuesday, a new student asked me what special occasion was occurring that the refectory looked so good and the food was so exceptional. My answer was, its lunch. I supposed I’m accustomed to our board service but this week has reminded me how important Meriwether-Godsey is to our shared life at the Seminary. If you ever need to discuss your own personal needs, please do get in touch with them.

The refectory has been transformed with new serving units and a new configuration. New table skirts have been put out and beautiful wooden boxes to hold some of the wares and fares. The squash soup seemed to be boiling in its warmer, and yet the actual tureen was touchable. Somehow the soup was piping hot but the server was safe.

A new table appeared on the wall that backs up to 1823. This stunning piece was created by Thomas Filiaggi of Lynchburg, VA. The wood was from a floor joist that was salvaged from the 1881 Chapel. Like many of the other pieces of recovered wood that he comes across, Mr. Filiaggi refinished this piece of heart pine with incredible skill.

We have been very intentional about salvaging items from the old chapel, and then putting them back to use. All the various pews around campus are from the chapel. The rest of the floor joists will be used as hard wood flooring in the new chapel. Stained glass windows decorate our interim chapel and others will be used in the new chapel. The list goes on and on. Take a moment to admire those pieces that have been so carefully and beautifully restored.

Heather Zdancewicz
Vice President for Administration and Finance
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