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Friday, August 23, 2013

Over the next few years you will see a vast number of trees being planted. If you look closely at the chapel designs, you can see that Michael Vergason is envisaging a welcome and worship quad with trees appropriately placed in a variety of key places. As we start the strategic planning process, one idea already in circulation is an orchard. And as Michael Vergason finishes the landscape master plan, he already has ideas to replenish our increasingly elderly tree stock.

However, today I wish to highlight the white oaks which had to be removed to make a space for the new chapel. These white oaks are being (and in some cases - already have been) taken down to Taylor and Boody in Staunton VA to be turned into the wood which will form the case of our new organ. We need an organ case: there is something beautiful that the instrument which will serve the Seminary for centuries will be from our white oaks.

One cannot help but find the removal of these beautiful trees poignant. However, be assured, we are the generation at this campus who will be planting trees for generations of future seminarians to enjoy.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President
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