About VTS

Board of Trustees

Chair of the Board: The Rt. Rev. James J. Shand
Vice-Chair of the Board: Ms. Sissy Poland
Dean and President: The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Vice Presidents: Ms. Kathryn A. Glover, The Rev. J. Barney Hawkins, Ph.D., The Rev. Melody Knowles, Ph.D., Ms. Heather Zdancewicz
Secretary: Ms Kathryn A. Glover
Dr. David H. Charlton
Assistant Treasurer: Ms. Heather Zdancewicz

Board of Trustees
Dates in parentheses indicate the expiration of the present elective term.

Trustees At-Large
Mr. David Booth Beers (2020)
Mr. Julian M. Bivins, Jr. (2017)
The Rev. Catherine M. Campbell (2019)
Dr. David H. Charlton (2016)
The Rev. Canon Thomas G. Clarke (2017)
The Rev. Dr. Harold J. Cobb, Jr. (2018)
Ms. Amy Curtis (2017)
The Rev. C. Neal Goldsborough (2020)
The Rev. Dr. Canon Michele V. Hagans (2019)
Mr. Henry Lee Stanton Hobson (2019)
The Rev. Angela S. Ifill (2016)
Ms. Elizabeth Cabell Jennings (2019)
The Rt. Rev. W. Michie Klusmeyer
The Rev. Thomas M. Kryder-Reid (2017)
Mr. James R. Lowe, Jr. (2018)
Dr. Susan Ackley Lukens (2020)
The Rev. Dr. Andrew J. MacBeth (2017)
Mrs. Catherine McDonald (2018)
The Rev. Troy D. Mendez (2017)
Mrs. Caroline Hooff Norman (2020)
The Rev. Caroline S. Parkinson (2018)
Ms. Sissy Poland (2017)
The Rt. Rev. F. Neff Powell (2018)
The Rev. Dr. Stanley W. Sawyer (2019)
The Rt. Rev. James J. Shand
Dr. William G. Thomas III (2020)
The Rev. Christine R. Whittaker (2018)
The Rev. Dr. J. Douglas Wigner, Jr. (2019)

Ex-Officio Members
The Rt. Rev. Shannon S. Johnston
The Very Rev. Phoebe A. Roaf (2016)

Faculty Representatives
The Rev. Robert Heaney, Ph.D., D.Phil.
The Rev. John Yueh-Han Yieh, Ph.D.

Student Representative
Mr. Ian Lasch
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