Doctor of Ministry in Christian Spirituality

In 2013, Virginia Theological Seminary launched a new track in its Doctor of Ministry in Christian Spirituality program. This D.Min. concentration can enhance a wide variety of ministries – congregational leadership, education, health care, faith formation, retreat settings – by rooting those ministries in our Christian spiritual traditions and addressing the contemporary hunger for spiritual deepening.

Students in Christian Spirituality explore an array of Christian spiritual traditions—contemplative and apostolic, Biblical to contemporary—and bring them into conversation with developmental, organizational, and missional perspectives on formation, pastoral care, and leadership.
Core courses for the D.Min in Christian Spirituality
Biblical Foundations of Christian Spirituality
Christian Spiritual Traditions I (contemplative)
Christian Spiritual Traditions II (apostolic)
Contemporary Spirituality
Psychology and Theology of Human Development
Students will also find a range of topical courses including “Spirituality and Healthcare,” “Fostering Cultures of Spiritual Guidance,” “Human Emotions and Ministry,” “Spirituality, Leadership and Mission,” “Dynamics of Conflict and Change,” “Spirituality, Liturgy, and the Arts,” “Spirituality and Interreligious Dialogue,” and other courses related to spiritual development.
Campus residency schedule*
Summer, year I: 3 weeks
Summer, year II: 3 weeks     
Summer, year II: 3 weeks
*starting 2017-2018 (Summer 2018)

In preparation for the program, accepted students are expected to read the following books before the first residency:
-          Braided Selves:  Collected Essays on Multiplicity, God and Persons, by Pamela Cooper-White   
-          Explorations in Spirituality:  History, Theology and Social Practice, by Philip Sheldrake
-          Christian Spirituality: Themes from the Tradition, by Lawrence Cunningham and Keith Egan
-          The Practice of Adaptive Leadership, by Ronald Heifitz
-          A Failure of Nerve, by Edwin H. Friedman

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