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God Complex Radio

By Isabella Blanchard
Tagline: "If you've got a God complex, you'd better get over it."
Creators: Carol Howard Merritt, Derrick Weston, and Rob Dyer
Genre: Interview
Frequency: Every 1–2 weeks
Availability: iTunes, RSS, Streaming
Study Guides: Yes

What are they up to?
Exploring faith issues with innovative Christian leaders and authors. Each episode includes an interview and discussion and lasts about an hour.

Who are they looking for?
Anyone with an interest in faith and big ideas. The conversation is informative, engaging, and fun. Accessibility to a broad audience seems to be an editorial priority (no advanced theological training required).

Where are they coming from?
The hosts are both Presbyterian ministers with a wide range of church experience. The tone is deliberately ecumenical with a decidedly progressive bent.

Why do we love it?
The guests on the show are the sorts of people I’d like to run into at the pub after class; they’re frighteningly intelligent, well-read, awash in life and ministry experience. The hosts ask great questions, and their commentary is always well-informed.

How can you use it?
Listen for current book recommendations, accessible conversation, and interesting theology. Or use with our accompanying study guides to convene a podcast discussion or kick off a book group.

Final verdict
Excellent. I’m always awaiting the next episode; and I always come away with something to think about.
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