We, the VTS Field Education Program (Field Ed.), offer seminarians resources needed to develop skills and practices for experiential, contextual ministry, including: 

  • Integrating study of Christian tradition and practical Christian ministry 
  • Enhancing pastoral, liturgical, teaching, and leadership abilities 
  • Fostering personal and professional growth and identity 
  • Engaging in ongoing theological reflection on ministry 
This integration of prayer, study, practice and theological reflection produces leaders who read, enter, and leave contexts well. Through Field Ed., seminarians are better equipped to think theologically about ministry, asking questions such as: 

  • “How is God present and active in this event?”  
  • “What resources from Christian tradition did I draw upon to inform my thinking and action?”  
  • “What might God’s dream for this relationship be?  
  • "How is God calling me to participate in this community?” 
Through these principles, we prepare those pursuing The Order of the Priesthood or the Diaconate and empower The Order of the Laity.

The ministry of lay persons is to represent Christ and his Church; to bear witness to him wherever they may be; and, according to the gifts given them, to carry on Christ’s work of reconciliation in the world, and to take their place in the life, worship, and governance of the Church.
(Catechism- The Ministry, The Book of Common Prayer, pg. 855)
The ministry of a deacon is to represent Christ and his Church, particularly as a servant of those in need; and to assist bishops and priests in the proclamation of the Gospel and the administration of the sacraments.(Catechism- The Ministry, The Book of Common Prayer, pg. 855)
The ministry of a priest is to represent Christ and his Church particularly as pastor to the people; to share with the bishop in the overseeing of the Church; to proclaim the Gospel; to administer the sacraments; and to bless and declare pardon in the name of God. (Catechism- The Ministry, The Book of Common Prayer, pg. 856)
Before seminarians serve in any Field Ed. site, they must complete Sexual Misconduct/Abuse Prevention training for children, adults and elders. Other requirements and guidelines may be found on the Documents page or in the materials distributed at orientation.

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Contact Info and Directions

Virginia Theological Seminary is located at:
3737 Seminary Road
Alexandria, VA 22304
Dr. St. Louis' Mailbox: Box 187
Ms. Jubinski's Mailbox: Box 121
Field Education Office Phone: 703-461-1744
Our office is located on the second floor of Bohlen Hall (#202), which is number 15 on the Campus Map.

Field Education Staff

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  • The Rev. Dr. June "Allison" St. Louis , Ph.D.  

    Director of Field Ed. & Second Three Years Program
  • Carol Jubinski 

    Administrative Coordinator for Field Education
  • Carissa Riedesel 

    Part-Time Administrative Assistant, Field Education
3737 Seminary Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22304  |  Phone: 703-370-6600 or 800-941-0083 | Employee Directory