The first time juniors come in contact with the Field Education office is usually at a tea and information session for new students in August. After that, there is a more formal orientation to field education in which students learn about the purpose of field education, and the typical timeline and process by which they should complete this component of their degree.
For the majority of their junior year, but especially in the fall semester, students are encouraged to visit different parishes in the area and get a sense of where they might want to serve, or what types of ministry experiences they want to experience as part of field education.

The greater DC area has such a rich variety of parishes and other ministry sites, that students must reflect on what type of learning environment is most meaningful to their future ministry. To assist them in this, each student must meet with the Director of Field Education, Allison St. Louis to discuss their interests and where these interests can best be met. The hope is that by January or February, students have narrowed their options down to a few sites where they will apply and be interviewed for a position that will begin in the following school year (the student’s middler year).

Field Education Timeline for Juniors

Fall Term
  • Field Ed. Orientation
  • Field Ed. site visits
  • Meet with Dr. St. Louis to discern possible placement
  • Start reaching out to potential sites to request and schedule interviews 
  • Apply for Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Programs if required to do so.
  • Site offers can be made beginning on Monday, February 26th, 2018.
  • Students must notify Field Ed. Office when they have accepted an offer.
  • Students and Supervisors agree stipend details
  • A Lay Committee and Convenor are designated by the Supervisor
  • Students must notify Field Ed. Office of this information prior to the end of Spring term.
Summer Note: Students are not required to serve at FE sites during summer. Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) generally occurs the summer between the Junior and Middler years 

For more specific information about dates and deadlines, please refer to the Field Education Overview page, communication from the Field Ed office, or the information you received atField Ed Orientation.

For the forms a Junior will need to complete, see the Juniors section of the Documents page (box at right) or visit the Field Education Documents Page. For more information on CPE, see the CPE page.

Contact Info and Directions

Virginia Theological Seminary is located at:
3737 Seminary Road
Alexandria, VA 22304
Dr. St. Louis' Mailbox: Box 187
Ms. Jubinski's Mailbox: Box 121
Field Education Office Phone: 703-461-1744
Our office is located on the second floor of Bohlen Hall (#202), which is number 15 on the Campus Map.
3737 Seminary Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22304  |  Phone: 703-370-6600 or 800-941-0083 | Employee Directory