Most students fulfill two of their three required semesters by doing Field Education (Field Ed.) in the fall and spring semesters of the Middler Year. In addition, students must also participate in colloquy groups during the middler year. Please see the Colloquy page for details.

Field Ed. is graded, required coursework as part of the MDiv degree requirements. As such, students and supervisors begin their relationship by signing a learning covenant outlining the seminarian’s learning goals and the supervisor’s expectations for the seminarian while at the site.

Middler year contains many dates and deadlines. Please refer to the Field Ed. Calendar, any communication from the Field Ed. Department, or to printed materials received at Middler Field Ed. Orientation for any questions.

In addition to any unique end of semester paperwork, the seminarian must write a report, and the supervisor must write a response for that semester. After meeting to discuss the report and response, both must be turned in together with seminarian and supervisor signatures. 

To download all the appropriate forms, please see the Downloads box at the right or see the Documents page.

Field Education Sundays to Note

Fall Semester

September          Second Sunday of- First Sunday of Field Ed.
October Sunday of Fall Break- No Field Ed. 
Sunday after Thanksgiving-  No Field Ed. 
December Second Sunday- Last Sunday of Fall Field Ed. 

Spring Semester

Last Sunday or First Sunday- First Sunday of Field Ed. 
First Sunday of Spring Break- No Field Ed. 
Second Sunday of Spring Break- Field Ed.
 May  First Sunday- Last Sunday of Spring Field Ed. 

Field Education Timeline for Middlers

Fall Semester
  • 1-Deadline: Finalize Lay Committee 
  • 30-Deadline: Learning Covenants
  • 20-22-Fall Break (No Field Ed. this Sunday)
  • Monday after Thanksgiving-Date to begin meeting with Supervisor to discuss:
    • Seminarian Reflection
    • Supervisor Response
    • Supervisor Checklist and Comments
  • 1-Deadline: Arranging and declaring change of site for the Senior Year.
  • Third Monday-Deadline: All Field Ed. Papers due.

Spring Semester 
  • Second Monday-Deadline: Lay Committee End of Year Assessment is due to Site Supervisor
    • Begin meeting with Supervisor to discuss:
      • Seminarian Reflection (new questions)
      • Seminarian Site Study
      • Supervisor Response to both of the above
      • Supervisor’s evaluation Form A – penultimate for credit semester at site
  • Second Monday -Deadline: End of Year Evaluation of Lay Committee Ministry due.
  • Third Monday -Deadline: Spring Semester Field Ed. papers.

All papers and responses are due to the Field Ed. Department at the end of each semester.

Contact Info and Directions

Virginia Theological Seminary is located at:
3737 Seminary Road
Alexandria, VA 22304
Dr. St. Louis' Mailbox: Box 187
Ms. Jubinski's Mailbox: Box 121
Field Education Office Phone: 703-461-1744
Our office is located on the second floor of Bohlen Hall (#202), which is number 15 on the Campus Map.
3737 Seminary Road, Alexandria, Virginia 22304  |  Phone: 703-370-6600 or 800-941-0083 | Employee Directory