Most seniors following the traditional Field Education program will only need to complete one semester during their Senior year, having completed two semesters in the Middler year. However, seminarians will have built relationships at their parish and may choose to continue at their site for an optional fourth semester, officially for credit or unofficially without credit.

This can sometimes lead to questions about reports due per semester, and the answer depends on which particular semester is your last one. Please read the end of semester paper instructions carefully, refer to the Field Education Calendar, communications from the Field Education Dept., printed materials you have received at Field Ed, Orientations, and check with the Field Education Dept. if you have any questions.

Field Education Timeline for Seniors

In your third semester at a field ed site everyone should complete these assignments:
1. Seminarian Report
2. Supervisor Response to Seminarian Report
3. Supervisor Report Form A

If the third semester is your final one for credit, do this too:
4. Seminarian/Supervisor Site Evaluation

If you are taking a fourth semester for credit, do these in the fourth semester:
1. Seminarian Report
2. Supervisor Response to Seminarian Report
3. Seminarian/Supervisor Site Evaluation
4. Supervisor Report Form Z

Regardless of when you finish Field Education, if it is your final semester for credit, have your Lay Committee complete the Lay Committee End of Year Report (See Lay Committee page)

Contact Info and Directions

Virginia Theological Seminary is located at:
3737 Seminary Road
Alexandria, VA 22304
Dr. St. Louis' Mailbox: Box 187
Ms. Jubinski's Mailbox: Box 121
Field Education Office Phone: 703-461-1744
Our office is located on the second floor of Bohlen Hall (#202), which is number 15 on the Campus Map.
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