Non Degree Program

If you are interested in study at the seminary on a part-time basis without being enrolled in a degree program, consider applying as a Part Time Non-Degree student. This option for study is suitable for those who want to learn more about a particular area of interest, experience the academic life at seminary before committing to beginning a full degree or diploma program, enjoy study with the greatest degree of flexibility or take classes in conjunction with seminary study elsewhere. 

It is the policy of the Seminary that a college graduate may apply for admission as a Part-Time Non-Degree student, a status that would entitle you to take one or two courses per semester (up to 6 credit hours). This would not, however, constitute admission to a degree program.

Application for the fall semester must be made no later than June 15, and by November 1 for the spring semester. There may be limitations on the number of part-time non-degree students admitted, and the courses in which they are permitted to enroll. Status as a part-time non-degree student is reviewed annually and is subject to renewal. Part-time students are not eligible for financial assistance.

If you decide to apply, please assemble the following materials and return them together in one envelope to the Admissions Office by the deadline. You will find the necessary forms in the download box to the right on this screen:
      1. The completed application form
      2. A brief letter outlining your reason for applying to study as a Part-Time Non-Degree Student and mentioning the courses you hope to enroll in for the upcoming semester.
      3. The completed reference form, sealed in an envelope. The person supplying the reference should be your Rector or Pastor, or another church professional who is well acquainted with your life and work in the Church.
      4. Official Transcripts from all institutions of higher education you have attended. You can request transcripts from the institutions you attended, ask that they be sent to you and include them, still sealed in the envelopes from the originating school, in the packet you send to VTS.
              5. A recent, small photograph of yourself.
Once your application materials have been received in the Admissions office you will be contacted to arrange a time for you to come to campus for a brief, informal interview.

If you are accepted for Part-Time Non-Degree study, you will receive a letter notifying you of your acceptance. There is a nonrefundable $50 registration fee that you wil pay if you accept the offer to attend. Your will receive a bill for tuition directly from the business office once you have registered and will be available through the myVTS website student portal.

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