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Masters Level Applicants

Greetings, prospective Master's level students!

Thank you for your interest in the M.Div., M.A., Post-Graduate Diploma in Theology,  and Post-Graduate Diploma in Anglican Studies programs at Virginia Theological Seminary. 

VTS's admissions process is a modified "rolling admissions."  Applications are received, interviews held, and offers of admission made throughout the academic year (September through May).  We strongly encourage you to apply as soon as you are able, and for those in an ordination process in the Episcopal Church, as soon as you have received diocesan permission to do so.  Those who wait until the final May 1 deadline to submit their applications will likely not be able to visit campus and have their interviews before the end of classes.  Financial Aid and Residence Hall space are less assured the later one applies.

This page contains all the information and forms you will need to assemble a complete application to the M.Div. and M.A. degree programs, the Post-Graduate Diploma in Anglican Studies program, and the Post-Graduate Diploma in Theology program at Virginia Theological Seminary.

The basic application form can be completed electronically online.  Click here for instructions and the application form link.  Information about supporting documents for the application process is also posted.

You will be responsible for requesting and collecting transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other materials.  Please read all instructions carefully.  A $75.00 application fee is part of the application.
NOTE if you anticipate applying for financial aid:  You can begin applying for financial aid as you are completing the admissions process.  We understand that you may not be able to gather all the required materials for the financial aid application (such as a copy of your tax return) until the spring.  However, you should be in touch with our financial aid office as soon as possible.  Applications should be mailed to the attention of the Director of Financial Aid.  Please do NOT include these forms with your application packet.  Information and application forms for financial aid can be found in the "Student Financial Services" tab on the website. 

If you have any questions about our programs of study or the application process, we encourage you to be in touch.  Please call the Admissions Office at 703-461-1951, or contact us by email at

For more information, click here.

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  • Planning visits and interviews

    Information for Prospective Student Visitors:  The Admissions Department looks forward to hosting all Master's level applicants for a visit to the VTS campus to experience the rhythms of life in this community, to worship, attend classes and meet students, faculty and staff at least once in the application process. 
    We are offering opportunities to visit campus and to have admissions interviews on specified days.  

    The schedule of visit days is listed below:

    Registration for these visit days will be available in August

    Fall 2017
    Wednesday, September 20th
    October- TBD
    Friday, November 10th- Fall Visit Day
    Wednesday, December 6th

    Spring 2018
    Friday, February 2nd
    Friday, February 16-18- Spring Visit Weekend
    Monday, February 26
    Wednesday, March 7
    Monday, March 12
    Wednesday, March 28
    Wednesday, April 4
    Wednesday, April 11th
    Monday, April 16th
    Friday, April 20th
    Wednesday, April 25th,
    Monday, April 30th
    Monday, May 7th

    On each of the visit days, prospective students will attend worship with the community, sit in on a class, have a tour of campus, enjoy meals in the refectory, and have opportunities to meet students and faculty.   We will provide overnight accommodations for 1-2 nights as our guest in conjunction with your visit, and your meals will be provided in our refectory. Individual admissions interviews will be scheduled for those who have requested them and who submit their complete application files to the VTS admissions office no later than two weeks ahead of the visit day.
    Informational Visits and Admissions Interview scheduling
    An Admissions Interview is a required part of the application process. Typically interviews are held when the prospective student visits campus. As mentioned above, these can be arranged with advanced notice and when all application materials have been received at least two weeks prior to the visit.
    However, in some cases prospective students may wish to visit campus before making application, to gather information and experience the community here so that they can then further discern whether VTS is the seminary they are being called to for their preparation for ordination.
    If a prospective student visits VTS for an informational visit, and then subsequently decides to submit an application, it may be possible to arrange for a SKYPE or telephone interview, if a second trip to campus is not possible.
    It is also possible to make an appointment to meet with Admissions Office staff on a more informal basis, to ask questions and gather some preliminary information before committing to a day-long visit. These appointments would not include other activities. Please contact the admissions office at to arrange individual appointments to talk with a member of the admissions team.
  • Tips For Mailing Your Application Materials

    A $75.00 application fee is now part  of the application.  Be sure to include the words "Admissions Office" on the address line of your envelope or mailing label. This will assure that your packet finds its way to the appropriate office.

    We will be scanning all application materials, so please follow these guidelines for assembling your application
    *Please DO NOT staple pages together.
    *Please DO NOT put your application materials in binders, folders, plastic page covers, etc. While this does make a beautiful initial presentation of the materials, we must then remove all of the documents from thier holders in order to scan them and set up your file. 
    *Please send documents copied on one side of the page only.  This also aids us in processing the materials.

    DO NOT use United States Postal Service Express delivery mailers, USPS certified mail or return receipt mail to mail your application packet. Although you would think that using these means would guarantee prompt delivery of the packet, that is not the case. Because of the procedures at our local post office, using one of these methods will actually cause a delay in your application packet being delivered. If you wish to use a means to send your packet that can be tracked, use United Postal Service (UPS), FedEx, or another courier company of that type.
  • Admissions and Deadlines

    May 1 is the application deadline for Master's level applicants  who will begin seminary in the August term /Fall .  Those applying for the King-Mitchell Academic Excellence Scholarship Prize should send all materials, including the entrance essay by March 1. 

    October 1 is the applicatin deadline for M.A., Diploma in Theology and Diploma in Anglican Studies students who will begin seminary in the Spring Term. 

    Applications are received, admissions interviews held and offers of admission are made throughout the academic year. Because the number of spaces for new students is limited, prospective students are urged to apply as early as possible. Applicants to the M.Div. program or other programs, who are in the ordination process in the Episcopal Church may apply and interview before postulancy is granted, however, any offer of admission is contingent upon the applicant being named a postulant.

    Residence Hall space is limited and assigned on a “first come-first served” basis. Those who desire to live in a dorm should plan to complete the admissions process as early as possible o increase the likelihood that a room will be available for them. Students who pay their deposits after all on-campus housing is filled must make their own housing arrangements off campus.
  • Assembling the Application Materials

    Instructions for assembling the application materials can be found in the introduction to the electronic application form.

    We will be scanning your application materials. 
    Please follow these guidelines for assembling your application.

    *Please do not use staples to hold your application materials together.
    *Please do not put your application materials in binders, folders, plastic page covers, etc. While this does make a beautiful initial presentation of the materials, we must then remove all of the documents from their holders in order to scan them and set up your file. 
    *Please do not send documents copied "front to back".  Send documents copied on one side of the page only.  This also aids us in processing the materials.

    A $75.00 application fee is a part of the application.

Final Deadlines

May 1 is the final date by which complete application packets must be received from those US citizens planning to enter the M.Div., MA, Anglican Studies, and Diploma in Theology programs in the following August term/Fall semester.  

December 1 is the deadline for international applicants wishing to begin study in a Master's level program in the following August term/Fall semester. This deadline applies to applicants who are not US citizens and are not currently residing in the United States

October 1
is the deadline for those beginning the M.A., Anglican Studies, and Diploma in Theology programs in the Spring term.
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