Alumni Association Executive Committee

The Alumni Association Executive Committee (AAEC) is a group of up to 23 members who represent the graduate population of VTS to the Seminary. The task of the AAEC, in cooperation with the Dean and the Board of Trustees, is to communicate the current mission, needs, and decisions of the Seminary to its members, and to represent, on their behalf, their concerns about and experience in the Church's ministry to the Seminary. The AAEC seeks to support the work of the Seminary by also promoting appropriate programs for the nurture of its alumni and the Seminary community.

2017-2018 AAEC Officers:
President: The Rev. Bingham Powell (’06)
Vice President: Dr. Serena Beeks (DMin ’09)
Secretary: The Rev. Christopher Miller (’15)

2017-2018 AAEC Members:
The Rev. Mike Angell (’11)
Beth Bojarski (’08)
Shelagh Casey Brown, ex officio, Director of Alumni and Church Relations
The Rev. Dr. Anne (Annie) Fredericks Cooper (’04, ’10)
Linda Dienno, ex officio, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
The Rev. Charles L Fischer III (’09)
The Rev. Carlye Hughes (’05)
The Rev. Lauren E. Kuratko (’05), ex officio, Co-Chair of the Class Stewards
The Rev. Loren Lasch (’08)
The Rev. Canon Lester MacKenzie (’07)
The Rt. Rev. Jose McLoughlin (’05)
The Rev. Andrew Merrow (’81)
The Rev. Lisa Neilson (‘16)
The Rev. Dr. Hilary Smith (’00)
The Rev. Canon Wm. Blake Rider (’04), ex officio, Co-Chair of the Class Stewards
The Rev. James Stambaugh (’17)
The Rev. Ginny Wilder (’12)
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