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Episcopal Children's Curriculum

Episcopal Children's Curriculum (ECC) is a thematic Sunday school curriculum developed by the Center for the Ministry of Teaching under the direction of Dr. Amy Gearey Dyer. Although it is no longer in print, all curriculum materials are available for free download here on our website. Use the navigation below and at right to find the documents you need.

Age Groups: ECC is available for three age groups, Preschool/Kindergarten, Primary (grades 1–3), and Intermediate (grades 4–6). For each age group, there are three years of material:

Shell Year (in which Baptism is studied)
Chalice Year (in which the Eucharist is studied)
Cross Year (in which Worship is studied)

This format allows churches with multi-age classes to alternate study material over a 3-year cycle. The Shell, Chalice and Cross years may be used in any order. 

Content: These four units are included in every year of the curriculum: Old Testament, New Testament, Sacraments, and the Church. Every year also has material on the major events of the Church Year, including All Saints and Pentecost.
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Supplementary Materials: For each curriculum year, there is a Teacher's Guide and age-appropriate supplementary material, such as symbol cards, learner's books, reproducible puzzle pads, and student newspapers.

Please note that we do not control the rights to the music that used to be offered with ECC for purchase. To our knowledge, these materials are completely out of print. We encourage you to use age- and context-appropriate music of your choosing.
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