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  • What is a Preaching Fellow?

    A Preaching Fellow is one of twenty-four working preachers selected for this Lilly-funded program who desire to nurture their passion for preaching and strengthen their connection to the Holy Spirit.
  • What is a Peer Group Facilitator?

    A Peer Group Facilitator is a Preaching Fellow who has been trained to guide his or her peer group in listening to each other’s sermons, in facilitating discussions, and in communicating the group’s needs to the staff. Peer Group Facilitators are also full members of the peer group and present sermons or writings to the group for feedback.
  • What is a Preaching Guide?

    A Preaching Guide is an experienced preacher or listener to sermons who meets one-on-one with Preaching Fellows and helps them take inventory of their work at the residencies. Each Preaching Guide is assigned to a peer group during the initial residency and serves as a resource to that group throughout the year.
  • What is the role of the Directors?

    The Directors are professors of Homiletics at Virginia Theological Seminary who select Preaching Fellows, Peer Group Facilitators, and Preaching Guides and plan the curriculum and worship for the Residencies and mid-year Retreat. They also supply brief articles and topics for discussion to the peer groups throughout the year and stay in contact with the groups to support them.
  • What is the role of the Program Coordinator?

    The Program Coordinator is a member of the clergy on staff at Virginia Theological Seminary who meets weekly with the Directors, communicates with the Preaching Fellows, Peer Group Facilitators, and Preaching Guides, and administers the program, including the Residencies.

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  • 2019 Residency

    Location: Virginia Theological Seminary
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