Costan Lecture Series

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November 8-10 | The Costan Lecture Series

Early Christian Spirituality for Today 
1.     “That They May Know You”: Theology and the Spiritual Life
2.     “Blessed Are the Pure in Heart”: Passions, Virtues, and the Reformation of the Will
3.     “Pray without Ceasing”: Contemplation and the Ends of Love
The Rev. Christopher Beeley, Ph.D. is an Anglican priest and theologian and a leading scholar of early Christianity. He serves as the Walter H. Gray Associate Professor of Anglican Studies and Patristics at Yale Divinity School and the Berkeley Divinity School at Yale, where he has taught for the last fifteen years. A founding member of the Episcopal Gathering of Leaders, he has ministered in parishes in Texas, Indiana, Virginia, and Connecticut. He also practices spiritual direction and is a trainee in adult psychoanalysis.

Dr. Beeley is the author of Gregory of Nazianzus on the Trinity and the Knowledge of God (Oxford, 2008), which received a John Templeton Award for Theological Promise, The Unity of Christ: Continuity and Conflict in Patristic Tradition (Yale, 2012), and Leading God’s People: Wisdom from the Early Church for Today (Eerdmans, 2012), which is used in several denominational training programs. In addition to the Costan lecture series, he is currently working on a study of Chalcedonian Christology from the patristic to the modern period.
He speaks nationally and internationally on Christian theology, spirituality, and church leadership.
The Costan Lecture Series is an opportunity for a distinguished scholar to provide a set of lectures that connect the genesis of faith to the contemporary issues in spiritual practice.  The genesis of faith should focus on the insights gleaned from the patristic period and from the gradual divide between the churches in the west from the church in the east.  This is a set of three lectures, where it is anticipated that the lectures will ultimately culminate in publication.  It is anticipated that the author will recognize the lecture series in the final publication.

Ms. Margaret H. Costan endowed the academic lecture series in December 2014 with the intent that the series will strengthen the teachings of the Seminary.
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