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Every member of the Virginia Theological Seminary Community is a member of the VTS Missionary Society. Established in 1835, the Missionary Society provides a link between those in the mission field and members of the seminary community through grants, theological book drives, forums, presentations, interaction with missionary organizations, prayer and an annual Eucharist.

Each year the Society raises money for grants and various projects primarily through donations collected at the Wednesday Eucharist of the Seminary. The Society is governed by the Missionary Society Council, which consists of annually elected representatives from each class of the student body, elected officers, and faculty and staff advisors.

‘Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel!’

The new deadline for grant applications is January 31st, 2015.
2014 Grant Recipients:

Mother’s Union Literacy and Development in the Diocese of Southern Malawi ($3,000)
What began as a literacy project for women and girls in the Diocese of Southern Malawi has grown into a catalyst for sustainable development and poverty reduction in the community. Funds will go to support a piggery in five learner’s circles, and all funds from pig and pork sales will be used for sustaining the program. The hope is that learners will become economically empowered and be imparted with credit and savings skills.

Bibles and Prayer Books in the Diocese of Twic East ($1,155)
Clergy in the South Sudan, a region in continual conflict, have no income from the church and generally have no funds for prayer books and Bibles. This grant will be used to purchase Bibles printed in Kenya in both the Dinka and Nuer languages. This is a project supported by the Diocese of Nebraska which is in a Companion Covenant Relationship with the Episcopal Diocese of Twic East.

Children’s Education in Diocese of Gitega ($2,845)
The funds for this project will support 22 students, 12 primary school pupils and 10 secondary school students, who have been orphaned due to disease and civil war in Burundi and do not have the funds to pay for school uniforms, fees, books, and other educational materials.

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