Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One cannot help but marvel at the depth and extent of the warmth emanating towards Virginia Theological Seminary as we cope with our tragedy.  Emails have been sent from around the world.  The leadership gathered for the Executive Committee meeting of the Washington Theological Consortium yesterday was concerned, understanding, and supportive.  Alums and friends have created their own distinctive facebook presence.  Sister seminaries have all assured us of their prayers and support.  Bishop Shand, our Board Chair, has been in constant contact; and yesterday Bishop Johnston, the Bishop of Virginia, was able to spend much of the day with us. 

Naturally, we would all prefer that things were different.  It is so painful walking past the scarred remains of our holy space.  We are all being kept at a distance; it is not easy being forced to stay away.  We would all much prefer that this was a regular 'Reading and Examination Week' instead of a week that will always be remembered for the tragedy.

As we live into this new reality, the prayers of our friends around the world are making a difference.  The kind word, the email, the squeeze of a hand, the message - all are signs of the support.  This support and these prayers are enabling this place to continue.  For all this and so much more, we are deeply grateful.

The Very Rev Ian Markham
Dean and President
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