Dean Markham announces the retirement of Dr. Amy Dyer

Thirty years is a long time. Today we celebrate the remarkable gift of Dr. Amy Dyer. She has worked at Virginia Theological Seminary for thirty years. And she has announced to the team in Life Long Learning and to the Faculty that she intends to retire in 2018.

My debt to Amy is considerable. First and foremost, she is a beautiful, caring, and fun friend (who else would sign up to an evening of KFC chicken and McDonalds Fries). In addition, as this nervous deacon adjusted to his leadership role here at Virginia Theological Seminary in 2007, it was Amy who provided advice, wisdom, and insight into the challenges that I was facing. She is an instinctive "yes" person; she takes things on; she is willing to create time to progress this or that initiative; and she believes in this place - she just cannot help saying yes.

In her time, she has served on the Senior Staff, in the Butterfly House, and in Life Long Learning. She has taught generations of students; she has offered the perspective that only time can provide; and she has been a constructive presence at all times. This was just an announcement; she is with us for many months to come. And we will be in discussion about the way to celebrate her years. But for now, let me say this: for everything she is and everything she brings, I am deeply grateful.

The Very Rev. Ian S. Markham, Ph.D.
Dean and President
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